We have done nightclub designs for almost 30 years now. Bring intelligent lighting and high-end sound systems to create an amazing theatrical show. From desiging to installing and programming we do it all. We use the newest technology with Madrix and Martin Light Jockey softwares to bring your show or event alive. Contact us to get your night club design started today.
Our audio, video and automation systems are great for sports bars. Our sports bar designs for a/v and automation makes it easy to use and a customer pleaser during sporting events. Sports bar designs and installations our audio systems, video systems and automation systems are made to last you years so you can enjoy the return on your investement.
House of Worship Audio/Video designs and concepts are unique to each customers needs. Church audio design and acoustically correct layout with ensure your house of worship audio and video needs are met.  Remember Doctor Feelgood's for all you house of worship and church audio video needs. We also due theatrical lighting sales and installation.
Bowling center designs and FEC designs for audio/video systems and cosmic bowling lighting are our specialty. Our bowling center designs and installations have been done through North America. From east coast to west coast coast bowling designs for audio, video, architectural lighting have been installed. Contact us today to start your bowling design complete installed.
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Designs & Installations
Bowling Centers & FEC's

We have done many bowling centers and FEC's throughout the years around the country. Each design is unique. From an amazing audio system with simple zone controls to video screens and tv's. Theatrical light shows to easy to use automation systems we do it all. Whether building a new facility from the ground up or upgrading your current facility. Call us to get started on your design today!
House of Worship

Whether a sermon or theatrical production. We are able to meet all of your Audio, Video and Intelligent Lighting needs. Each facility is acousically designed and laid out. We offer many different options for audio & lighting control.
Sports Bars

Bring your sports bar alive with multiple tv's and screens for your customers to watch! Our audio systems can be designed with different zones with easy contol. This allows different parts of your bar listen to different games. We also use an automation system to control your entire video system. No more changing channels on 40 different TV's. The touch panel dispay is pre-programmed to each of our customers needs. Change all your TV's with the touch of 1-button!

We have been designing and programming some of the coolest intelligent lighting for almost 30 years now. We use all of the newest products and technology to make event venue one of a kind. Our high-end sound systems are sure to be one everyones talking about!